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Commercial HVAC Maintenance Contracts Save you Money!

If you’re in charge of a business with a commercial HVAC system, you’re probably wondering if you should get a commercial HVAC maintenance contract.  

A commercial HVAC maintenance contract can provide your business with a lot of benefits. They can provide you with financial savings, reduced risk, and reduced stress. This article will look at the financial benefits of investing in an HVAC maintenance contract.

What Is A Commercial HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

A commercial HVAC maintenance agreement is a contract between you – the owner of a commercial air conditioning system (you could be the owner or leasing the commercial property), and Boss Air Mechanical – a professional HVAC service provide. According to this agreement, a service provider (that’s us) must perform preventive maintenance at regular intervals on the HVAC system in your office or building. The contract specifies the task a HVAC contractor must perform and the assurance or guarantees you expect. In many cases, customers are eligible for discounts on the service provided if they sign up for commercial HVAC maintenance.

The Benefits Of A Commercial HVAC Maintenance!

The HVAC system in your office will work tirelessly to create a comfortable environment in your office or building, regardless of temperature outside. It has to work double time in times of extreme heat or cold temperatures. You will need to give it a throughout tuning at least twice a year to make sure it will be able to withstand high levels of strain.

Provided below is a list of reasons why you should think about signing up for a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement.

Save Money with a More Efficient HVAC System

Due to wear and tear, as well as dirt buildup, a poorly maintained commercial HVAC system will most likely struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature in your building while also consuming more energy in the process. This will drive your energy bills up as a result. According to the Department of Energy, Air conditioning units account for about thirty-five percent of total energy consumption inside commercial buildings. This means there will be a significant impact on your operation costs.

By entering into a commercial HVAC maintenance contract, you will have an HVAC expert perform maintenance tasks on your HVAC system, from inspecting units to replacing filters. Your equipment will be able to operate more efficiently with proper maintenance, which will result in a lower utility bill.

HVAC Reliability and Consistency

Another issue with badly maintained commercial HVAC systems is that they may not be able to maintain a consistent temperature inside your commercial space. An inconsistent temperature can cause your employees to feel uncomfortable, which will lead to a lack of concentration on their work duties. This can lead to a decline in work quality and productivity and can jeopardize the reputation of your business if you run a retail store or have customers visit your office or retail space frequently.

When your commercial HVAC system produces an inconsistent temperature, it could be because of multiple issues such as leaky ducts, or a malfunctioning thermostat. During a commercial HVAC maintenance visit, the technician can aid you in identifying and fixing the problem so that your air conditioner can continue to keep everyone in your office or store happy and comfortable.

Prevent your AC from Breaking Down!

Your commercial HVAC system will experience wear and tear overtime, becoming more prone to breakdowns. Breakdowns are more like to occur if you do not properly maintain your equipment. Besides making your office uncomfortable, it might also cause a temporary shutdown in operations. It could be costly to fix a broken HVAC unit, even more so if you need to replace an expensive component or call for emergency services.

One of the benefits of a commercial HVAC maintenance agreement is that it includes inspection services. The technician will evaluate the HVAC system’s condition thoroughly and detect and fix the issues it is experiencing. This will lead to less breakdowns and less expensive repair costs.

Extend the Life of your HVAC System

Commercial HVAC systems are substantial investments, so it would be wise to take proper care of them. If you fail to service the unit on a regular basis, it will fail in serving you well over time. Having to replace air conditioners often will increase expenses on equipment, which will lead to higher long-term costs. Regular commercial HVAC maintenance can help keep your HVAC system components functioning and prevent the system from failing prematurely. With less wear and tear, your equipment will continue to operate for longer periods of time, and by extending the lifespan of your air conditioner, you will make your investment more worthwhile.

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In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget about the little things. It’s easy to make excuses for not investing in the proper maintenance of your HVAC system. But when you put in a little time and effort in HVAC maintenance, you can save a lot of money in the long run. We hope you’ve found our article on commercial HVAC maintenance contracts helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime. Call (626-472-6464) or email (office@bossairmechanical.com) today. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information on a topic like this!


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