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HVAC Maintenance & Repair

Boss Air Mechanical offers lightning fast, honest, and reliable air conditioning maintenance repair. Our HVAC Techs respond to service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the counties of Ventura, San Bernardino, Los Angeles & Orange County. We’ll get your problem diagnosed and repaired quickly and efficiently.

Common signs you might need HVAC maintenance & repair

Unusually warm temperatures – in your home, office, warehouse, or other commercial property are the most common warning signs that your air conditioner needs repair.

High energy bills – Have you recently noticed an increase in utility costs for your, but you have not changed your heating and cooling habits? When air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps malfunction, they often operate less efficiently to compensate for the issue—causing your energy bills to increase.

Uneven air flow – If you notice one area of your building is cool, but another room or area is extremely warm? Uneven air flow is one indication your HVAC system may need repair. Contact us if you notice uneven temperatures from room-to-room.

AC won’t turn on – If your air conditioner or heating system won’t turn on at all, call us immediately.

Strange noises – If you hear strange noises coming from your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or ductwork, your heating and cooling system could be in distress and need repair.

Our team places your needs as an absolute top priority. When you call on our repair professionals, we respond quickly in order to ensure you can return to comfortable normalcy as soon as possible. We use the industry’s best to diagnose your HVAC systems, locating the problem and remedying the root cause of your concern the first time.

Our repair services are available any time you need them! We have a highly skilled and experienced emergency service team on call and ready to assist, no matter when, where, or what time. Contact us for 24/7 emergency commercial HVAC repair in Ventura, San Bernardino, Los Angeles & Orange County.

When our certified HVAC technicians come to your property, they will perform a full system diagnostic to determine the exact issue you’re having with your system. After testing your system, they will inform the you of any problems that were found, and if a problem was found our tech will discuss repair options and provide suggestions.

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